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Monday, April 16, 2018 | 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM EDT
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Biomass Carbonization &
Torrefaction Summit
If you are unable to join us in Atlanta this year in-person, you now have the ability to livestream your favorite speakers and sessions via GotoWebinar.

 Cost: $149

The Biomass Carbonization & Torrefaction Summit is a one-day, intensive conversation about the promise of upgrading biomass streams via torrefaction or the production of biochar and the markets that await the developers and producers who can scale-up and efficiently manufacture commercial volumes of these products. Attendees can expect conversations about downstream energy markets, but the program’s inclusion of biochar will introduce new market segments to a biomass audience more familiar with traditional power or heat markets. Additionally, the Biomass Carbonization & Torrefaction Summit will examine how the production of torrefied biomass and biochar will fit into the existing biomass supply chain and how it might propel the broader biomass sector even further forward.

Panel Agenda

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  • Exploring the Potential for Torrefaction as a Forest Management Tool
  • How Biochar Production Can Perfectly Complement Heat and Power Production
  • Why We Need Torrefied Biomass: Markets Where Torrefied Biomass is a Solution When Other Biomass Streams Aren’t
  • A Close Look at the Commercial Scale Production of Torrefied Biomass
  • Where Biochar is Adding Real Value and Finding Marketplace Traction as a Result
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